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Services of supervising person

We offer services to ensure radiation protection of personnel at workplaces, where the ionizing radiation sources (IRS) are handled at any way, by supervising person. The supervising person must have appropriate training in methods for using particular IRS and necessary knowledge in radiation protection.

Together with systematic supervision over activities related to IRS we provide the following services required by the Atomic law: 

  • Consultacy for applying for obtaining permits for IRS handling
  • Participation at meetings related to the radiation protection
  • Monitoring and evaluation of complying with duties of the permission holder
  • Support of senior staff (managers) during fulfillment of duties related to radiation protection including notifications concerning the shortcommings found including proposals for their improvement
  • Demarcation of monitored and controlled zones, including ensuring their modes
  • Evaluation of projects in terms of radiation protection
  • Commissioning of the IRS
  • Evaluation of personal protection equipment efficiency, engineering procedures
  • Regular calibration and checks of measurement devices and their proper usage
  • Education of personnel
  • Verification of personnel professional competencies that are necessary for IRS handling (before starting the work and at least once a year)
  • Preparation of monitoring programme and other documents
  • Management of prescribed documentation
  • IRS's records management and related devices and instrumentation
  • Organisation of acceptance tests and long-term stability tests, performing of IRS's long-term stability tests,
  • Examination of extraordinary events or radiation accidents and realisation of corrective actions
  • Monitoring of regular medical examinations of personnel

Detailed workload of the supervising person is described in the contract.

The following examples of sources operation (handling) requires services of supervising person:

  • Dental X-Ray,
  • X-Ray diagnostic instrument
  • X-Ray therapeutic instrument
  • X-Ray veterinary instrument
  • X-Ray technical instrument
  • Particles accelerators for technical use, for medical irradiation, for production and for research
  • Instrument with sealed radionuclide sources for defectoscopy
  • Instrument with sealed radionuclide sources for logging
  • Instrument with sealed radionuclide sources for indication measurement in industry (gauges)
  • Radiotherapeutical instruments with sealed radionuclide sources
  • Industrial irradiators with sealed radionuclide sources