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Personal dosimetry

More than 20 years of experience in providing dosimetry services for different fields of nuclear energy, handling of ionizing radiation sources and medicine.

We offer:
  • Long-term experience in the field
  • Top quality team of professionals
  • Continuous development of personal dosimetry methods provided by the NUVIA Dosimetry (film, thermoluminiscent and neutron dosimetry) with the aim to continuously increase quality and accuracy of dosimeters evaluation
  • Friendly approach. Our flexibility allows us to meet your conditions and requirements.
  • Good technical background
  • Discounted price for services, extended due date.

These services are provided by our subsidiary - NUVIA Dosimetry (website in Czech language only) company. It has all the necessary legislative permissions for:

  • Tests, measurements and analyses
  • Research in area of ionizing radiation detection
  • Consultancy