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Radiation Portal Monitors for KACST

  • Project title:    Delivery and installation of RPM (Radiation Portal Monitors) for KACST
  • Contracting authority:    King Abdulaziz City for Science and Technology (KACST)
  • Riyad, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia    
  • Location :    Riyad, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
  • Position:    sole contractor
  • Project realization:    09/2013 – 10/2014

Type of services provided:

Development, manufacture and delivery (including on-site installation) of radiation portal monitors for monitoring of passing vehicles (two entrances /exits to/ from KACST campus).

The detector element is a high volume plastic scintillation detector with a volume of 25 liters encapsulated in a metal container with an aluminum wall for reducing the absorption of radiation. The back side of the detector is shielded by 10 mm lead plates for reducing the background and for improving the detection limit.

The preamplifier with an integrated source HV (product PMTSC HWH019-HV) is connected to the detector, respectively to its a photomultiplier (PMT). The signal is fed by coaxial cable to the detection unit - Analyzer (SCA product SCA4 HSH087). The analyzer is placed in a switch board along with other electronics (PLC, embedded PC, source). The part of the frame detection is a sensor for detecting the presence of the vehicle. The system also controls the connected traffic lights and warning elements (sound and light alarms), which are activated upon the detection of radioactive source.

If there are no measurements (not detected the presence of the vehicle), the system automatically updates the value of background radiation.

IP cameras with the record on PC disk are the part of the system as well. Measurement is proceeding autonomously by the measuring software installed on the embedded PC.  For operators there is an available application showing the current state of portals and application to view the history of measurements (information about measurement of vehicles are stored in the database).

The main entrance/exit to the KACST campus

2 traffic lanes inwards – entrance.

2 traffic lanes outward – exit.

Total 4 detection unit installed in a vertical position next to the road + panel with electronics.

Tunnel (gatehouse between KACST work area and the residential area)
2 traffic lanes inwards – entrance.

2 traffic lanes outward – exit.

Total 4 detection unit – 2 installed vertically next to the road, 2 horizontally under the ceiling of the tunnel.