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Improvement of radioactive waste characterization systems and Procedures and methodology for clearance of materials from regulatory control

  • Project title:     „Improvement of radioactive waste characterization systems at Ukrainian operational nuclear power plants“ and „Procedures and methodology for clearance of materials from regulatory control“  
  • Contracting Authority: EU, represented by the European Commission on behalf of and for the account of the government of Ukraine
  • End Customer:    - SE NNEGC Energoatom and its operating Ukrainian NPPs - SSE ChNPP – State Specialised Enterprise “Chernobyl Nuclear Power Station”    
  • Location: Ukraine    
  • Project Realization: 04/2014 – 12/2017

Type of services provided:

Analysis of existing waste streams and definition of needs for NPP waste characterisation (in particular difficult-to-measure radionuclides);

Establishment of a methodology for derivation of correlations between marker radionuclides and the DTM radionuclides;

Development the methodology and procedures for use by the NPPs approved by the Regulatory Authorities (RAs);

Analysis of the international standards and identification of the best practice and development of recommendations referring to the clearance methodology(ies) and procedures;

Development of a clearance methodology(ies) for application at NPPs and other relevant organizations of Ukraine;

Development of clearance procedures for application at Chernobyl NPP;

Development of the technical specification for the facility for materials clearance from regulatory control at Chernobyl NPP;

Personnel training of End Users’ specialists and dissemination of results (final report and a workshop).