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SIMS - Secondary Ions Mass Spectrometer

The aim of this contract was to install, commission and successfully test secondary ions mass spectrometer SIMS 7f.

  • Customer: Research Centre Řež, Ltd. in frame of the Sustainable Energy (SUSEN) project
  • Location: Hlavní 130, 250 68 Husinec-Řež, Czech Republic
  • Project Realization: 06/2014 – 07/2015

Type of services provided:

Secondary ions mass spectrometer SIMS 7f is very sensitive instrument with high image resolution for chemical analysis of microscopic particles and surfaces of solid materials. Among others, this instrument enables measurement of isotopic ratios in particles with size of micrometers (uranium oxide and other materials ) in environmental samples  with high accuracy, reliability and speed, including automatic search and identification of microscopic particles of interest followed by measurement of precise isotopic ratios.