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Assembly line Bentley BY621

Extending headlight assembly lines for Bentley BY621

  • Investor: Varroc Automotive Systems s.r.o.
  • Location: Rychvald
  • Completion: 2012

Bentley BY621 project is an extension of the existing assembly line in the factory Varroc Automotive Systems Rychvald consisting of 13 separate stations, of which 9 are mounting and 4 control (LED tester, regloscope, tightness test and EOL tester). On the line is installed the system for collecting data from individual stations, on of its extension the company NUVIA was participated within of supplying contributed its own evolution, and traceability system, which checks the status of the previous assembly/test operations. The system also monitors parts of entrants (projector, control unit, LED) in (to) the assembly process.

Company NUVIA could on this project to verify the possibility of more production projects (lamps) on one assembly line, in this case:

  • Bentley BY624
  • PSA B81
  • Land Rover L538
  • Jaguar X250
  • Jaguar X150
  • Bentley BY621