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LED Assembly line

The line for automatic installation of various types of lightsources for automotive industry

  • Investor: Automotive Lighting s.r.o.
  • Location: Střítež u Jihlavy
  • Completion: 2012

The line for LED assembling is used for automatic installation of different types of lightsources. Assembly line is fully automated. At the beginning of the line are inserted input parts for light-sources and at the end on the line are removed final and tested light-sources. These light-sources are consequently assembled into headlamp. The light-source means assembly of heatsink with glued LED and glued PCB. Into one headlamp are mounted five different types of light-sources for left or right variant. The assembly line enables to implement different projects in the future.

The assembly line is drawn up for fully automatic operation. Due this requirement is back side of the line used for material handling and front side is for servicing and maintaining. The whole line consists of several working modules divided with regard to their function, energy connections and the ability to transport.

Individual processes lines are controlled by using cameras and installed measuring technology ensures testing of produced units. In this project the company NUVIA might be familiar with the technology of laser soldering electrically conductive connections and manufacture fully fitted LED headlamps and master the technology of bonding electrical components.