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Information system for the State Office for Nuclear Safety

Supply and service of the National Monitoring Network information system

  • Customer: State Office for Nuclear Safety
  • Location: Prague
  • Project Realization: since 11/2001

MonRaS information system is intended for gathering, evaluation and presentation of complex radiation monitoring data from the area of the Czech Republic, especially components of the radiation monitoring network. The system collects the data from all the sources (nuclear power plant operators, supervisory state authorities, state security forces, National Radiation Protection Institute (SÚRO, SÚJB) into a single central database. Evaluation, verification and data publishing are performed in the central part of the application. Data are presented as the web site application in the form of tables, graphs and maps in the Geographic Information System (GIS) report.

The data collected in the new system are divided into several groups according to the monitored items (External irradiation, Monitored environmental items, Monitored food chains items, Internal irradiation, Meteorological information, etc.) and will be presented after tests completion on the National Institute of Radiation Protection (NRPI) web.

Software tool MonRas has become one of the pillars of quality monitoring of the radiation situation in the Czech Republic.

Supply and continuous service of all the components of the system – 56 measurement points located across the whole area of the Czech Republic (measurement of the dose equivalent rate, scintillation spectrometry, analyzing units, data concentrators and routers, meteorological stations, information and telecommunication technology, calibration of instruments).

Related services provided:

  • Development, supply and implementation of the customized information system.
  • IS continuous maintenance, development and upgrade.
  • Equipment supply (detectors, spectrometers, dose equivalent measuring systems and other devices for radiation monitoring conducted at 56 measuring stations of the Czech Republic).
  • Equipment calibration.

National radiation monitoring and early warning system technical support and service (according to the schedule specialist of NUVIA a.s. regularly visits all the monitoring stations, checks their operation, provides maintenance and repair support of the equipment).