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Radioactive waste characterization at NPP Dukovany and NPP Temelin

Supply of instrumentation and services for free release measurements

  • Customer: ČEZ ENERGOSERVIS spol. s. r. o.
  • Location: NPP Dukovany, NPP Temelín
  • Pozition: Sole Contractor
  • Project Realization: since 07/2007

Detailed description of supply:

Manipulation with packages and containers with radioactive waste:

  • Measuring of all radioactive waste from NPPs using NUVIA devices GAMMOS, EDRUS, MOSSAS and MERLIN
  • Radiological characterization of the waste before disposal in the radioactive waste repository

Implementation of official radioactive waste free release measurement procedures and issue of the authorized measuring certificates:

  • Completion of the official measurements for the determination of activity and average specific (mass) activity of the waste/materials placed in drums MEVA 0495 in accordance with the client's documentation using the devices MOSSAS or EDRUS that make measurements on a principle of gama-spectrometric analysis
  • Analysing radioactive waste in the NPP Dukovany laboratories

Recording of measured values ​​into application LOIS.