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Radioactive waste management in Moscow region

Assistance to NPO RADON dealing with waste in Moscow region

  • Customer: SUE SIA RADON
  • Location: 7th Rostovsky per. 2/14, 119212 Moscow, Russian Federation   
  • Time of realization: 12/2007 – 05/2011

Type of services provided:

  • Design, manufacturing and delivery of equipment and instrumentation
  • Documentation processing
  • Software development and installation (including all connections)
  • Factory Acceptance Tests (FAT).
  • On-site installation and commissioning, including all necessary activities related to the upgrading, interfacing, integration, checking, testing, trial operation supervision
  • Calibration
  • Staff training
  • Maintenance and technical support. After-sales services of the equipment and instrumentation

Detailed description of the supply:

Supply, installation, and all necessary services of the equipment and instrumentation for radiological and physical characterization of incoming and processed waste in various packages.

Fully automated gamma spectrometric measurement system RADRUS_S1 with automatic conveyor for 25 pieces of 200 l drums, developed and manufactured by NUVIA a.s. was delivered to customer’s site together with automatic gamma spectrometry measurement system for one 200 l drum – GAMMOS (NUVIA's product) and mobile spectrometric measurement system RADRUS_M1 suitable for large size objects measurements.

All equipment was supplied together with specialized operative software measuring material packages and large size objects, exporting results to database and completing database system. Supply also included database IS RAOS developed by NUVIA a.s. as the application for waste records and measurement results storage, simple waste management (within the facility), result viewing and protocol compiling.