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Ispra - destructive and non-destructive radiological and radiochemical analyses

Long-term contract for JRC in Italy finished

  • Investor: European Commission, Joint Research Centre, Ispra Site, Itálie
  • Realization period: 12/2009 - 06/2014

Type of services provided:

The off -site services provided by the Contractor comprised radiological destructive/non destructive and chemical analyses for JRC Ispra Site samples for:

  • Materials clearance sentencing
  • Radioactive waste characterization
  • Nuclear facilities characterization
  • Environmental purposes

The radiological characterization involved sample pre-treatment (evaporation, mineralization, grinding, ashing, etc.), radiochemical separation (extraction, chromatography, filtration, centrifugation, etc.) and radiometric measurement. Moreover the following radionuclides were determined:
Н-3, С-14, С1-36, Са-41, Fe-55, Ni-59, Ni-63, Sr-90, Mo-93, Zr-93, Tc-99, Pd-107, I-129, Pm-147, Sm-151, U235, 238, Np-237, Pu-238, 239, 240, Pu-241, Am-241, Cm-242, 244, total alpha, beta and gamma nuclides.