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Supply of lab equipment for the Institute of Chemical Technology

24 laboratories reconstructed

Customer: Institute of Chemical Technology, Prague (ICT)
Location: Prague, Czech Republic 
Realization: 10/2013 – 01/2014

Type of services provided:
Supply and installation of laboratory equipment and furniture, including their transport to the construction site. The reconstruction was carried out in 24 laboratories.

Detailed description of supply:
Supply consisted of the design, manufacturing, supply, installation and training of laboratory staff of 24 refurbished laboratories. As a part of the delivery, laboratory fume hoods were made of metal, fiberglass and wood. Laboratory tables with special work surfaces (HI-MAC, Trespa - topLAB, ceramics and epoxy resin - DURCON).  Laboratory equipments - laminar boxes I. and II. classes, laboratory glassware dishwashers MIELLE, water treatment were also delivered.