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Reconstruction of semihot cells

Supply of two semi hot cells and the related technology supplies consisting of the equipment, technology and devices for experiments with radioactive material.

  • Contractor: ÚJV Řež, a. s. (Nuclear Research Institute)
  • Location: Hlavní 130, Řež, 250 68 Husinec, Czech Republic
  • Duration: 10/2013 – 06/2014

Following partial supplies were part of the Tender:

  • Fully mechanical, remote controlled Master - Slave manipulators
  • Direct manipulators with loading weight of 5 kg
  • Shielding windows from lead glass with a density 5.2 kg/dm3, with shielding equivalent 240mm of Fe for energies of 60-Co, including frames. Two pieces with dimensions of 660x460x320mm and 4 pieces with dimensions of 400x360x320mm.
  • Electric spark wire cutting machine adjusted for environments with ionizing radiation. Cutter enables highly accurate cutting of the metallic samples (max. weight of 50 kg) in four axes. It is also possible to perform cutting in angle, so the cut shapes in the upper and lower plane can be different.
  • Vacuum annealing furnace adjusted for a long term temperature experiments (100 hours or more at temperatures up to 1300 °C) either in a vacuum (about 5 kPa) or under an inert gas atmosphere, all in adaptation to environment with ionizing radiation.
  • Equipment for the preparation of high-cycle fatigue and fatigue cracking, with a test frequency from 35 to 300 Hz, the maximum force capacity of the machine is 30 kN. A high-temperature testing furnace (up to temperature 900°C) and a control unit is integrated in the equipment.
  • Remote controlled (from the control room) and manually (in case of failure) controlled transporter for transporting the sources of ionizing radiation on the route between existing semi-hot line and newly built semi-hot cell. Transport chamber is shielded by 100 mm of lead. Dimension of the internal transport space is 200x200x180 mm.
  • Active air conditioning system in both semi hot cells, providing vacuum in min. -50 to -100 Pa at considered exhaust flow rate of Q=500 m3/h