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Lab Equipment and Accessories

Fume Hoods, Safety Cabinets, Laminar Boxes and Laboratory and Office Furniture

Fume Hood

Double-shell laboratory fume hoods of NUVIA are used for exhausting dangerous vapours and gases that are produced within special chemical processes and manipulations with aggressive chemical agents at the hood's working area. They are designed for operations both in radiochemical and chemical laboratories.

Fume hoods NUVIA are manufactured in accordance with standard ČSN EN 14175 and fulfills requirements of the Directive No. 2006/95/EC for low voltages and Directive No. 2004/108/EC for electromagnetic compatibility.


Laminar box serves for air cleaning from dust during microbiology, biotechnology and biochemical work and tests in laboratories.


Safety Cabinet provides storage space for storage of flammable, corrosive and hazardous chemicals.


Laboratory and Office Furniture

Custom-built laboratories and offices are based on comprehensive technical analyses, design of laboratory and office furniture, professional installation and follow-up service. Particular designs are created according to the customer's requirements.