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Waste Assay System GAMS04

Fully automated Low Level Waste Assay System based on three high performance HPGe detectors

The device is designed for radionuclide activity measurements in materials, objects and other substances stored in drums MEVA type 0491. Measured values are used for ionizing radiation sources activity declaration for further handling of these containers (free release, disposal).

The radionuclides emitting gamma radiation are identified in the samples using the spectrometers with HPGe detectors. Using the software GAMWIN or GammaVision and GAMS 04, the activities of these detected radionuclides are determined. Measured values from individual measurement lines are compared and a homogeneity of radionuclide distribution in the measured sample is assessed. All data (analysis results, diagnostic data, etc.) are stored in the ORACLE XE database.


Pavel Hora

Head of the Nuclear Power Division


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+420 561 105 434

Likus II

675 50 Dukovany