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Presentation and Visualisation IS Prospectus

The PROSPECTUS system is intended for a wide range of multimedia files and presentations playback on unlimited number of display panels.

System functions

  • Administration of presentations and merging them into presentation blocks
  • Administration of display panels and merging them into groups
  • Control of individual panels or entire group of panels
  • Advanced scheduling of playback of presentations, presentation blocks, RSS channels, etc.; possibility to overlap the plans with different priorities
  • Possibility to playback presentation/block of presentations out of schedule
  • Presentation playback and PiP web camera displaying
  • Display panel status monitoring; possibility to switch the panel ON/OFF
  • Possibility of switching on an embedded PC using Wake on LAN function (even out of the sub-network frame)
  • Fast overview of currently playbacked presentations
  • Reports on played presentations including the play time in seconds (suitable for invoicing)
  • Individual presentations are saved in cache by the embedded PCs, thus the network overload is avoided
  • Each presentation can be overwritten by its newer version; PC automatically substitutes the old version in the cache