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New Personal Dosimetry System Was Put Into Operation by Colleagues in Slovakia


Slovakian business unit NUVIA s.r.o. successfully completed an extensive investment project for JAVYS, a. s. (Nuclear and Decommissioning Company, plc.), entitled Personal Dosimetry Equipment Innovation. In addition to processing project documentation, the project also included the supply and installation of two Optically Stimulated Luminescence (OSL) dosimetry devices including their integration into existing information systems, such as SEOD, ARSOZ, VAD.

Both devices are currently under two-month trial operation and they will completely replace the existing system for evaluating film personal dosimeters from 1 August 2021. Optically stimulated luminescence has incomparable advantages compared to film dosimetry, consisting in simplicity, but also in high evaluation accuracy, operatively faster evaluation, and thus obtaining large time savings when monitoring a large number of users.

For JAVYS, a.s., which is engaged in activities in the field of the final phase of nuclear energy, decommissioning of nuclear facilities, radioactive waste management or spent nuclear fuel in Slovakia, the innovation of the system for personal monitoring of workers with ionizing radiation is of great importance.