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Supply for Jules Horowitz experimental reactor reaches finals!


Bridge cranes travel to the Cadarache International Research Centre

NUVIA is the general contractor of special bridge cranes for hot chambers, which are being built as part of the Jules Horowitz experimental nuclear reactor (JHR) in Cadarache, France.

JHR is an international project for the conception and construction of a new high-performance nuclear reactor for testing materials and nuclear fuel, in which a consortium of research institutions and industrial companies from many countries participates. On the Czech side, the project is being implemented under the baton of experts from the Research Centre Řež, while ÚJV Řež, a. s., is the guarantor and coordinator of the entire Czech supply within this project. JHR is set to become a unique experimental facility throughout the European Union after 2030. At the same time, Jules Horowitz reactor will be used to produce radioisotopes for use in nuclear medicine across Europe.

In the hot chambers, fuel and samples of materials will be prepared for irradiation in the reactor.  Special bridge cranes will be used to transport highly radioactive materials between the individual hot chambers during the experiments. Their peculiarity is the ability of the crane cat to leave the large chamber, pass through the small chamber into the transfer areas and return with the load, as well as the possibility of exchanging two types of crane cats.

The bridge crane system has undergone rigorous testing at the experimental stand in the Research Centre Řež and is now awaiting transport to Cadarache in the south of France.