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NUVIATech Mobile System Will Measure Radioactivity in Saudi Arabia


We help protect the environment and population in Western Asia

Radiometric Systems Division signed a contract with the Nuclear and Radiological Regulatory Commission (NRRC) in Saudi Arabia for the supply and installation of a mobile system for measuring radioactivity using cars and aircraft at the beginning of this year. The NRRC is an independent legal entity based in Riyadh, established to supervise the country´s nuclear and radiation safety and to protect the population and the environment from the possible harmful ionizing radiation effects.

The supplied system will provide continuous radiation measurement synchronized with GPS timing and position and radionuclide identification. The system is designed to be used in both cars and aircraft. The system is currently being manufactured using components of the NUVIATech Instruments product line - gamma and neutron detection modules, GM intelligent probes, a multi-channel MCB analyser and more. This will be followed by testing, calibration and certification of the entire system. During September, the system will be transferred to Riyadh, where we will put it into operation and train the staff at the same time.