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Big Challenge Has Started, NUVIA Will Design and Supply Shielding Structures for the Research Institute Jülich


We participated in another project at the international research centre ESS

NUVIA was commissioned to design, manufacture and install the shielding structures of the SKADI neutron instrument for the German research institute Forschungszentrum Jülich. The SKADI neutron diffractometer is a universal instrument for a wide range of research experiments requiring the use of a small neutron scattering angle. Significant areas of the SKADI instrument focus include biological and medical research, research on advanced materials, nanocomposites and energy storage materials. SKADI will become an important part of the large European Spallation Source ERIC research centre in Lund, Sweden after installation.

The shielding structure of the instrument research cell, in which the examined sample with detectors will be placed, includes fixed and movable structural parts made of materials absorbing neutrons and gamma radiation. The shielding structure design is a demanding engineering task and will require the close cooperation of experts in the field of nuclear physics, structural mechanics and materials engineering.

Work on the structure design began in January this year. The entire project completion, including the structure installation in Sweden is expected by the end of 2023. The biological shielding project of the SKADI diffractometer is another one in a series of orders that our team solves when building the ESS research centre.