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New Recrystallization Technology in Kralupy nad Vltavou Will Bring Lots of Advantages


We had to wait 8 months for the approval of the new operation

The raw materials production for scintillation single crystals was officially launched in the new part of the Detector Technology Division facility in Kralupy nad Vltavou on Monday, January 26. The successful acquisition of the approval decision completed the 8-month transfer of technology, which we took over from the existing supplier of raw materials for our production, the Q Technologie company from Pilsen.

The installed technological equipment will enable the processing of intermediate products (cuttings, solutions) from the inorganic scintillators production and the high-purity raw materials preparation for their production at the same time.

The aim is the use of residual material in the detectors production and the rinsing water treatment from the crystals production, and also the hazardous waste prevention. The resulting technical solution integrated into existing production will enable virtually waste-free use of raw materials and will contribute to a significant minimization of raw material costs for own production.

The actual preparation technology consists of dissolution, filtration, concentration and crystallization with subsequent filtration of pure raw materials such as sodium iodide and thallium iodide. These raw materials can also be modified for the subsequent improvement of the scintillation materials quality or the development of new ones.