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NUVIA is completing a significant project at Dukovany NPP


Our electronics and detectors replaced the original analog system for the inter-circuit leakage checking in steam generators

The system for inter-circuit leakage checking on the basis of gamma spectrometric measurement of the nitrogen radionuclide 16 activity in hot steam is being upgraded at Dukovany Nuclear Power Plant. NUVIA specialists replace the original analog probes with new type digital probes. NaI(Tl) scintillation detectors and digital multichannel analysers NuNA MCB are manufactured in our company. The delivery also includes the modification of SW intended for processing of measured data and transmission of information to the central spectrometric information system. The modernization is gradually taking place during outages at all four units of the power plant.

The inter-circuit leakage control system has a direct impact on radiation safety and operating economy of the NPP.