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NUVIA cementation facility is waiting for the start of operation at the Khmelnitsky NPP


We have completed the contract for production and delivery of cementation facility for Ukrainian radwaste.

NUVIA produced and supplied a cementation facility for the complex of reprocessing of radioactive waste at the Khmelnitsky NPP in Ukraine. SS Atomcomplect of NNEGC Energoatom was the investor of this contract.

The facility is intended for preparation of concrete mixture for RAW preservation in 200l drums, transport of the mixture and handling of drums. It is an automatic line that mixes concrete mixture of required quality from prepared components stored in silos, which is then transported into a 200 l drums of RAW and compacted by vibration. Waste preserved in this way is stored in the RAW repository. For handling barrels, the line is equipped with two overhead cranes and a roller conveyor. Part of the line is also a camera monitoring system, thanks to which it is possible to control the whole process remotely from the operator.

Now the facility is waiting for installation in a building that is being projected.