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NUVIA portal monitors are used by fire brigades throughout the Czech Republic


An extensive all-day exercise of Integrated Rescue System (IRS) units focused on the people and equipment decontamination took place in the premises near the Brno Circuit in mid-October. The aim of the training was to verify the site for people and equipment decontamination in the accident at the Dukovany NPP, as well as to familiarize the representatives of IRS units with the technology for decontamination and the necessary forces and means to establish a decontamination site for IRS components.

The event was attended by members of the General Directorate of the Fire Rescue Service of the Czech Republic, representatives of the Police of the Czech Republic, Emergency Services of the South Moravian Region, representatives of the relevant crisis management bodies, the Army of the Czech Republic, the Czech Environmental Inspectorate, the Regional Hygiene Station and other invited experts.

The training also included a commented demonstration and a tour of individual sites. NUVIA portal monitors were seen at one of the sites, namely the workplace for sorting and decontamination of people and equipment. NUVIA delivered these portable frame gamma radiation monitors for Administration of State Material Reserves this year. It was a total of 18 sets of portable frame gamma radiation monitors. The monitors are designed for the rapid detection of radioactive contamination of persons and equipment during radiation emergencies leading to possible massive contamination with radioactive substances.

All detection kits are stored in three shipping containers; there are stored 6 complete detection kits and 1 test preparation containing the Cs-137 radionuclide source in one container. The portal monitors will be used by the Fire Rescue Services of South Moravia, South Bohemia and Vysočina Regions.