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NUVIATech radiometric technologies at RADTECH 2018 workshop


Radiation monitoring in emergency situations.

On Wednesday, 13 June 2018, the second edition of the international workshop RADTECH 2018 took place at the public airport in Vyškov.

The event under patronage of the General Director of the Fire Rescue Service of the Czech Republic, Rector of the University of Defense and chairwoman of the State Office for Nuclear Safety was organized by NUVIA in cooperation with the Institute for Defense of Weapons of Mass Destruction of the University of Defense. About 130 participations from the professional public, representatives of the Czech army and fire brigades, the Police, the State Institute for Radiation Protection, the State Office for Nuclear Safety or universities attended the workshop.

The aim of the live presentation was to present solution for dealing with an emergency situation that could lead to the loss of radioactive sources. All systems demonstrated were developed and produced by NUVIA.

The aircraft technology was represented by a police helicopter, which had on board a special airborn gamma spectrometer and an unmanned vehicle with various radiometric modules. For off-road technology, two four-wheel robots equipped with a pair of cameras and a gamma-ray detection system and gamma spectrometer carried by the operator in the backpack were introduced.

In addition, visitors could see the work of the crew of the emergency vehicle for safe removal of the radiation source and a fully equipped mobile laboratory, where the collected samples were analysed. The mobile portal monitor for contamination control used by the integrated rescue units was also demonstrated. Last but not least the gamma camera enabled to localize and identify the radioactive sources in real time.

At the end of the event, workshop the monitoring results were presented to the attendees who could also discover the smaller instruments for ionizing radiation measurement.