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New equipment development for Kahramaa company, Qatar


Supply of measuring system of drinking water radioactive contamination.

The representatives of Kahramaa company from Qatar visited our production facilities in the Třebíč industrial zone at the beginning of March. NUVIA will supply a newly developed system for on-line measurement of radioactive contamination in drinking water to this company.

This is a new system named NuEm DWMS in the NUVIATech Instruments portfolio, which is designed for fast and precise on-site monitoring of potential drinking water contamination by beta or gamma radioactive substances. The system can operate autonomously in continuous mode with real-time data transmitting to the Monitoring Centre equipped with a NuSOFT RAMON SW system (also developed by NUVIA). If measured gamma or beta radiations exceed critical limits, visual alarm is triggered and a text message and/or e-mail is sent to a selected phone number or e-mail address.

System is especially designed for warning against rising levels of radioactivity in various water tanks, rivers, lakes and other natural and artificial water reservoirs.

The Factory Acceptance Tests have been carried successfully out in Trebic to show that all customer’s  requirements have been met.