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Supply of mobile monitoring system to Integrated Rescue System units


Presentation of an emergency vehicle in the premises of the Fire Brigade in Tišnov.

The new NUVIA mobile radiation monitoring equipment called NuRMS was presented at the chemical laboratory of the Fire Brigade in Tišnov near Brno. The installation of the radiation monitoring system into the emergency fire protection vehicle was delivered to the General Directorate of the Fire Rescue Service of the Czech Republic. In addition to the representatives of the HZS Directorate, guests from the State Office for Nuclear Safety, the State Institute of Radiation Protection, the CEZ Foundation, which supported the acquisition of the monitoring system, and other guests attended the event.

The system is designed to the radiation situation monitoring in the emergency planning zones of nuclear power plants, to check evacuation routes and routes of the Task Forces transportation.

The vehicle's presentation was expanded by a live demonstration of its synergy with an unmanned aerial vehicle equipped with the DRONES-G radiation detection system developed by NUVIA in cooperation with the Military Technical Institute.

The whole event has been successful in terms of the flawless performance and the interest shown by the present experts.