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NUVIA has developed unmanned airborne radiation monitoring system as the first in the world


Presentation of the top technology of the Czech company.

A new monitoring system, which can use the unmanned device to determine the source of possible radiation was presented in Třebíč on February 8, 2018. The technology called DRONES-G was developed in cooperation with the Military Technical Institute, which has been dedicated to the drones for a long time. This system can be used by the integrated rescue system, the military, research centres and private companies.

There was a brief introduction of the radiation monitoring technology with the various types of modules and the situation in the unmanned vehicles development. This was followed by a dynamic demonstration of the system's work at a height of 50 meters behind the NUVIA production hall. The drone equipped with a radiation monitoring module has revealed a source of ionizing radiation located on the land in a remote-controlled container. The measured data was displayed on-line on the operator's computer monitor.

Finally, a press conference accompanied by a presentation of the results of aerial monitoring was held.

In the link below, at 12:42 PM, you can see a record of the event broadcast by the Czech Television.

Unmanned airborne radiation monitoring system