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NUVIA introduced the new radiometric systems at a major CBRN conference in Paris


Participation in the MILIPOL World Exhibition.

NUVIA took part in one of the world's largest exhibitions in Homeland Security MILIPOL 2017, which took place in Paris on November 21-24, 2017. This year's 20th edition was a "Global Event for Homeland Security" style. There were 950 companies from over 55 countries represented.

NUVIA has introduced a number of novelties, such as the Gamma Imaging Camera NuVISION, the modular detection and spectrometry system for DRONES-G Unmanned Aerial Vehicle, the PORTAL-D monitoring emergency systems, and the contamination and radiometry instrumentation equipment under the NUVIATech Instruments brand.

In addition to classical military weapons systems, technologies for police, rescue teams, fire rescue teams and other security forces were presented there. NUVIA introduced a whole range of radiation detection solutions targeted to address the new CBRN challenges. The exhibition offered a number of attractions in the area of global monitoring, information sharing in crisis situations and other news related to the danger of terrorism.