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Radiation Protection Days 2017


The 39th Radiation Protection Days conference culminates in Slovakia.

NUVIA Czech is a traditional participant, exhibitor and one of the main partners of the Radiation Protection Days conference, which is currently taking place in Stará Lesná, Slovakia. The number of conference participants exceeds two hundred.

Company presentation focuses on radiation monitoring and measuring systems intended for crisis situations. In this area, NUVIA introduces DRONES-G hi-tech equipment, which is an effective response to the long-term customer demand for radiation monitoring using Unmanned Aerial Vehicles. Our exhibition is complemented by other news from NUVIA - NuVision portable gamma imaging camera or Portal-D monitoring portal.

We also exhibit the traditional NUVIA 's  instrumentation from the field of radiation protection, but also by Thermo Fisher Scientific and ORTEC manufacturers, which we represent in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. At the same time, the company presents a new thematic block, which covers a comprehensive solution for the applications of ionizing radiation in medicine under the NUVIATech Healthcare brand.