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NUVIA Gamma Spectrometric System now ready to measure samples from all over Europe


Successful delivery to the IAEA laboratories in Vienna.

NUVIA a.s. supplied an automatic sample measurement system to the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) laboratories in Vienna. The system with capacity of up to 16 samples features a unique sample adapter, which is able to use, besides Marinelli beakers, various laboratory vessels including Petri dishes. The samples are monitored with a semiconductor HPGe detector and the measured data are analysed by NUVIA’s ASC Control Software, which also allows to archive the spectrometric data acquired.

A system for automatic identification of samples using 2D QR codes was also developed and implemented onto the equipment.

The IAEA intends to use NUVIA's automated gamma spectrometric sample changer to measure samples collected by the IAEA inspectors from their nuclear missions across Europe.