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NUVIA introduces a new product


Compact spectrometric gamma camera NuVISION.

Nuvia Process, S.E.A and NUVIA CZ present a new product – the compact spectrometric gamma camera NuVISION marketed under the heading of NuviaTech Instruments.

The NuVISION system is based on a pixel type detector with a coding mask (aperture). Unlike gamma cameras of the previous generation (based on the location of the radiation source using an electromechanically adjustable collimator), NuVISION detects incoming gamma radiation across the scanning area and significantly increases the rate of detection and detection of nuclides. Data processing takes place in real-time, and with higher activity, the gamma camera can also be used to capture or detect dynamic processes. The camera can be equipped with an electronically controlled tripod and thus further extend the viewing area.

The sophisticated software allows several operating modes, it has rich set-up options for experienced users and a simple operation mode for routine operation. SW allows storing the data in various formats (including the storage of source data from detectors for later analysis). Part of the software is the automatic detection of the present nuclides. The system also provides a dose rate value. The SW is also optimized for use on touch screen devices (tablets).

Basic technical parameters:


approx. 3 kg including batteries


CZT, 128x128x pixels


Detector volume: 9.6 cm3


Resolution for 122 keV - 2.5%


Resolution for energy 662 keV - 1.5%


Energy range: 20 - 1400 keV

Field of view:

45 %


Windows 7 and higher