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NUVIA upgraded National Radiation Monitoring Stations


On 10th April 2017, chairwoman of the State Office for Nuclear Safety (SONS), Ms. Dana Drabova, handed over to the community of Tyn nad Vltavou the last of 55 monitoring stations for measuring of the radiation in the environment.  The representatives from NUVIA CZ who developer and supplied the monitoring stations, participated in this formal event organized at the Town Hall.

The monitoring stations are spread across the entire territory of the Czech Republic and they form so called Early Warning Network. This network is designed to monitor the environmental radiation situation within the Czech Republic and it ensures, in the case of increased level of radiation in the air, immediate transfer of the measured values to the Crisis Coordination Centre of the SONS. The measured data are processed and visualized in the form of comprehensive maps by the information system called MonRaS, also developed by NUVIA CZ. These data from the system are available to the broad public on the website of the SONS.

During modernization, two original probes in each station were replaced by one NUVIA production smart probe, which ensures measuring of low as well as high range of the radiation. The monitoring system is capable of measuring and data recording not only during a possible Internet or mobile-data operators failure, but also under the circumstance of the total electric network black-out in the Czech Republic. The modernization and exchange of the monitoring stations lasted 8 months and the cost was nearly 17 million CZK.