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Our product traveled to Canada


In 2013, people from NUVIA a.s. have developed a measuring system for mass activity of soil. The task came from NUVIA UK. We call it internally "excavator meter" even though it has its own specific indications in our product catalog as the GEM. It is a device which is able to measure the potential contamination of soil. Colleagues from the NUVIA UK have been successfully used it in the radiation monitoring on the Irish Sea coast.

The device allows fast and easy measurement of mass activity of soil (or other similar material, such as concrete, bricks and other building materials). Measured material goes directly in the loading spoon placed in the measuring position of the device and the measurement is started automatically. The result is ready in a few seconds, depending on the parameters of the actual detection. The measured data are displayed on the control tablet. The data are compared to the limits set and the operator is informed of the outcome by the light signals.

The same type of equipment was delivered in 2016 to the Canadian Nuclear Laboratories. The device is used there for the soil activity measurement during the construction works.

This year we developed a new version of MK3 GEM that can use both the plastic and the NaI detectors (previous versions had only a plastic detector). There are also some mechanical, electrical and software modifications.