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Information Center Dukovany


Nuclear Energy Division submitted the project documentation relating to the completion of the assembly, modification and upgrading of the information center at the Dukovany nuclear power plant.

Two years ago NUVIA as a general contractor realized the initial stage of a complete reconstruction of the IC. The reconstruction included construction work, interior furnishing, renovation of models and features of information center with modern audiovisual equipment.

On the first floor of an information center, which serves as a rest area (there are also a small cinema and lockers), there will be new, attractive models dedicated to energy and physics. There will be added themed children's area, photo corner, but also a model of cyclo-simulator producing electricity, or great game "Energy Mix".

On the groundfloor there will be total changes of all  existing stations dedicated to topics related to the operation of the plant and downstream activities (extraction of fuel, the principle function, model reactor 1: 1, waste management, etc.). There will also be adding new and animate existing models.