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Free Release Measurement Facility (Super MUM) installed at JRC Ispra


A large scale industrial facility for waste characterization.

In October 2016, the METRODECOM (Metrology for Decommissioning Nuclear Facilities) workshop will take place at Joint Research Centre, Ispra (Italy). Within this workshop, NUVIA a.s. will present a Free Release Measurement Facility (called Super MUM) - a large scale industrial facility for waste characterization that NUVIA a.s. developed within a joint project of metrological institutes.

NUVIA is the only company involved in the project besides the metrological institutes. The facility was recently installed at JRC Ispra where they test it now in operational conditions. A patented NUVIA technology for special shielding composite material with a low internal level of ionizing radiation was used for manufacturing of the Super MUM facility.