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Contract „Devices for operating with IRAO and ZRAM“ finished


Project and engineering division have successfully finished and handed over a monitoring and radiation control system.

In January 2016, Project and engineering division had successfully finished and handed over a monitoring and radiation control system in the location of Slovakia’s central storehouse of ionizing radiation sources near Mochovce NPP. The investor of this project was Jadrová a vyraďovací spoločnost, a. s. (JAVYS) and realized by METROSTAV a.s.

As a subject of this supply was installed:

  • Measurement systém unit systém for monitoring radiation level inside the building, connected to a display
  • Terminal for personal electronic dosimetry including the dosimeters themselves
  • Device for measuring the contamination of hands and foots
  • System for monitoring the water surface (for deposition of radioactive waste) indicating increased water levels and displaying present values on the display
  • System for monitoring the radiation level inside HVAC including a system for filter sampling and displaying the presents values on a central display
  • Box for handling the sources of ionizing radiation (up to activity 0,1TBq) equipped with straight rod manipulators (with interchangeable extensions), gloves, camera system, radiation-resistant visor, handling holes in the side and the bottom of the box and a control system for opening the handling holes in a case of disabled air exhaust or increased radiation level
  • Server and SW for controlling, editing and archiving measured data