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Waste tracking software



Software development division successfully completed and handed over the waste tracking software for SÚRAO. Upgrade of the current SÚRAO waste tracking software WTS2 was part of the contract. Also completely new iWTS web application primarily serving as an interface for entering waste related data by waste originators into SÚRAO database was created as part of the project.

WTS2 application is being used by SÚRAO staff at each of the storage facilities for waste tracking. Especially the actual handover process by the waste originators, verification of required limits and criteria for waste acceptance at the storage facility and waste location management at the storage facility.

iWTS application enables the waste originators to track waste in SÚRAO database. Another of the application functionalities is simplifying waste handover to SÚRAO by waste originators. Functionality tied to this process is option to generate documents necessary for physical handover of the waste to SÚRAO.