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ZONE 2015 - Exercise of SIMULATED accident in Temelin


The aim of the exercise was to practice response to the radiation leak from Temelin NPP.

In the days of September from 22 to 24, 2015 took place the excercise Zone 2015 whose aim was to practice the response to the radiation leak from Temelín NPP. The exersices was attended by over a thousand pepole from the NPP workers, the IRS components, the Army, the regional office ad the mayors of municipalities with extended powers.

ENVIENT employees participated the exercise as a technical support of Fire and Rescue Service Components. Members of the FRS tested the "live" deployments of mobile portal monitors delivered by ENVINET this year.

Mobile portal monitors are used for the rapid control of surface contamination of objects in such case of an accident of nuclear energy facilities. Variably portal monitor can be used to control people, cars or trucks and heavy equipment.