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Cooperation between ENVINET Slovensko, s.r.o. and Metrostav a.s.


Supply of radiation monitoring instrumentation for JAVYS a.s.

On 27th July 2015, ENVINET Slovensko, s.r.o. signed a contract with Metrostav a.s. to supply radiation monitoring instrumentation for JAVYS a.s. in frame of the project No. I00TUND20005 Facilities for institutional radioactive waste management and radiation monitoring in Mochovce.

It is a subcontract to the general supplier, Metrostav company, which is located near NPP Mochovce, and constructs a facility for handover, sorting and storage of institutional radioactive waste and seized radioactive materials. ENVINET will supply systems for personal dosimetry, environmental radiation monitoring, waste water monitoring and aerosols monitoring. The project also includes production and installation of special manipulation box equipped by a lead-glass window, manipulators and camera system that will enable manipulations with radiation sources with activity up to 0.1 TBq (137Cs).

Date of implementation is 21/9/2015 - 11/12/2015.