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Company ENVINET joins Nuvia Group, Nuclear Engineering Division of Soletanche Freyssinet


On 22 November 2012 occurred in our company to the significant event. ENVINET entered into a strategic partnership with the Nuvia Group. This event took place at our Prague branch office.

Nuvia Group is the part of the French company Soletanche Freyssinet – the world leader in the field of specialized engineering with 18 000 employees.

ENVINET will complement Soletanche Freyssinet´s geographical coverage in nuclear, alongside its two main companies Nuvia France and Nuvia UK and its subsidiaries operating in India, Sweden, Canada and China. The company management of ENVINET will remain unchanged, Frantisek Vagner is still the Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer.

This acquisition will accelerate the Soletanche Freyssinet´s development of in nuclear field, and open up new market opportunities in Central and Eastern Europe.