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Training Course on Non-Destructive Assay of Radioactive Waste in ENVINET


Training course for 20 experts from southern and eastern Europe and from countries of former Soviet Union took part in Třebíč in days August, 26 – August, 29 2013. The subject of this course was Non Destructive Assay of Radioactive Waste including both theoretical and practical parts.

The course was arranged by International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) in collaboration with the Government of Czech Republic through ENVINET a.s., Czech Republic. Reprezentant of IAEA and technical officer of the course was Mr. Susanta K. Samanta, director of the course was Ms Larisa Dubska, ENVINET a.s. Technical management of the course was done by International Network of Laboratories for Nuclear Waste Characterization (LABONET), where ENVINET is a member of steering committee.

The lecturers were experts both from IAEA and from. czech companies ČEZ and ÚJV Řež. The practical training was organized in NPP Dukovany, where ENVINET staff prezented to participants of the course the methods of radioactive waste characterization.