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Meeting of all participants of project RANUS-TD


On October 1, 2013, meeting of all participants of project RANUS-TD took place at the Masaryk dormitory facility of the Czech Technical University in Prague. Almost fifty employees of member organizations of the project team and of partner institutions participated.

Participants presented progress in research and development of the RANUS-TD project issues achieved since the last meeting held in Znojmo in June 2013. An appropriate headway and satisfactory fulfilling of defined objectives was shown.

Discussion was held with representatives of the CANUT, a similarly focused project supported by the Competence Centres Programme, of which the Faculty of Electrical Engineering of the University of West Bohemia in Pilsen is the grant acceptor. Because of the similarity of the fields of interests of both projects, future cooperation of the participants can be expected.

RANUS-TD is an R&D project focused on research and development of new materials and technologies in the field of detection of ionizing radiation. It is supported by the Technology Agency of the Czech Republic within the Competence Centres Programme.

ENVINET a.s. is the acceptor of the financial support of the project. It takes care of its conduct, control and organization, and is responsible for the right use of appointed financial funds as well as for running and successful solution of all project objectives. Besides ENVINET a.s., some other Czech organizations specializing in the field of detection of ionizing radiation participate in the project – the National Radiation Protection Institute, the University of Defense, the Institute of Experimental and Applied Physics of the Czech Technical University, the Institute of Physics of the Charles University and the CRYTUR ltd. and TEMA ltd. companies.

For more information about the RANUS-TD project see www.ranus-td.cz.