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Research focused on advanced detection methods, determination and following management of radioactive contamination


Software Development Division has signed a new Contract with the National Radiation Protection Institute to act as a subcontractor in the 4th stage of project "Research of advanced methods for detection, determination and following management of radioactive contamination" that was initiated by the Czech Ministry of Interior - Project No. MV-24236-42/P-2010.

The research works for year 2014 comprises development of expert system ExPeS for complex monitoring and evaluation of data about radiation situation and evaluation of data and processes using the indicators for qualified dicisionmaking (on a management level) based on hierarchy structures analysis. The solution will be complementary to the existing ICT architecture and to the level of SW products used in the SÚRO, v.v.i.

The national information system of radiation monitoring network MonRaS will be the main data source for the expert system ExPeS. The MonRas is operated by the State Office of Nuclear Safety and was developed also by the Software Development Division of the ENVINET a.s. company.