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Conference "Future of the NPP Dukovany"


On Thursday 12/6/2014, there was a conference about the future of the NPP Dukovany organised in a village of Valeč. ENVINET a.s. was one of the main partners of this conference.

An event organised by the Energy Industry for Třebíč Association and Civil Safety Commission of the NPP Dukovany was attended by representats of the Czech Government, entrepreneurs, mayors from different villages of the region, and journalists - almost two houndreds participants. The programme contained technical, economical, social and political aspects related to a construction of fifth nuclear unit in Dukovany area. Conference participants expressed clear support for the construction of the fifth unit. The conference proved preparedness and interest of the region for further development of the nuclear power plant. The conference participants delegated Mr. Jiří Běhounek, the Governor of Vysočina Region, Mr. Michal Hašek, the Governor of South-Moravia Region and Mr. Vitězslav Jonáš, the representant of nuclear public, to immediatelly begin negotiations with Ministry of Industry and the Czech government about further development of the NPP Dukovany.