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Installation of the shielding system NuRAD8200 in the ELI project – the world´s most powerful laser


25. 6. 2014 v 15:28 byla započata instalace stínicího programu NuRAD8200 do projektu ELI položením prvního stínicího bloku.

The installation of the shielding system NuRAD8200 to ELI project started by placing the first shielding block at 15:28 of June 25, 2014.

The delivery of more than 1100 m3 of special shielding material NuRAD8200 will run from June 25, 2014 to mid-December 2014. The shielding system NuRAD8200 products are suitable not only for the building of the low-background shielding cells and chambers, but also as a high-density material for the shielding of various ionizing radiation sources.