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Exhibis for a new information centre


ENVINET Slovensko, s.r.o. in cooperation with Factum Design company participated on a production of exhibits for new information centre constructed in frame of the BIDSF project for Javys a.s. company.

The aim of the project was to build a new information centre (IC) that will provide comprehensive, and accurate information about JAVYS, a.s. company to public, local community and authorities in an understandable form. The information are focused on main business activities of the JAVYS, a.s. company, i.e. decommissioning of the NPP V1, and radioactive waste management.

By means of exhibits, the visitors and excursions have a possibility to become acquainted with basic principles of physical phenomena, such as electricity production using the bicycles, half-life of the radionuclide decay, protection against the ionizing radiation, and so. High-tech audio-video technic including the 3D projection enables the visitors to have a full-featured experience from all presentations as well as from the 3D movie.